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The Skye Bar at Flodigarry Hotel Isle of Skye
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Many Stories

The Bar at the Flodigarry has a long history. It is known that when the building was built in 1895 this room was the Billiard Room.
The beautiful round windows in the ceiling, to give natural light to the billiard table, are still there. They now give a lovely atmosphere to the Skye Bars dining tables and the bar.

A lot of the long history and the stories of this history can be heard inside the bar at any given time by the 'locals' that come at the bar now for many, many years.

Skye drinking and eating experience

The Isle of Skye is famous for its local produce of the best food and ..... drinks. The Skye ales and Talisker whisky are well known names in Scotland and beyond.

The Skye Bar is spectacular views, tartan carpets, a log fire, cosiness, local ales, fine whiskeys and good food. The perfect place to unwind with a warming malt whiskey from our well stocked bar.

Whether you visit us during a stay at the hotel, a long walk, a romantic get away or a Sunday drive along the beautiful Skye coastline, our staff will always be there to ensure you of the best possible Scottish hospitality. And please take your dog along; he or she is also more then welcome at the Skye Bar. 

From Farm to Fork

The Skye Bar believes in the farm to fork philosophy of bringing the best of the Highlands and Islands to your table. Whenever possible, the finest of local ingredients are showcased, this of corse including the vegetables from our own greenhouse.

Bar Menu's

Please select from our lunch and dinner and whiskey '-) menu to the left side, and come along to have a bite to eat or just for a 'wee' drink and a 'wee' chat.

Live Music

Regular there is live music at the Skye Bar. If you want to keep up to date, please download our App or subscribe to our newsletter.


Reservations and information

In the summer months and for sunday lunches we advise to make reservations if you want to eat at the Skye Bar. Please phone +44 (0) 1470 552203 or email us if you want to join us for a lovely (sunday)lunch or dinner.

Festive Season

In December The Flodigarry Hotel welcomes you to a warm, seasonal atmosphere in a traditional decor. We have a number of special events planned for Christmas and Hogmanay (New Years Eve). More information.

The Flodigarry Hotel, Isle of Skye

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